3-5 Year Old Classes

Our 3-5 year old classes are fun-filled classes that combine entertaining activities with simplified training to help build their understanding of Taekwondo. Through the program, children will learn to improve their confidence, focus, and motor skills to better prepare them for their eventual transition into the 6-10 year old class. Our committed teachers have hundreds of years of training under their belts. They will work with the students to learn basic techniques and how to follow directions while creating an enjoyable learning environment.

6-10 Year Old Classes

In our 6-10 year old program, the children also learn through fun activities and skills training. Children learn to strengthen their mind and body through Taekwondo. Classes focus on confidence, discipline, respect, and concentration, leading to academic success. In addition the children will increase physical strength and balance to create a well-rounded learning environment. The children are introduced to Poomsae (forms) and board breaking in these classes. The children can elect to compete in Poomsae or board breaking in local, state and national tournaments. These classes are taught by a number of experienced black belts with several hundred years of experience.

Adult/Family Classes

Our Adult/Family Martial Arts classes use Taekwondo as a tool to help you improve every part of your life. From getting a great workout to reducing your stress and learning practical self-defense skills, what we teach at White Tiger Taekwondo has real benefits. You’ll gain confidence, improve your focus and concentration, and reap the rewards in everything from your personal life to experiencing greater productivity at work. These classes are led by various instructors who together have over 300 years of black belt experience.


While taekwondo can be an intense training program for active young people assisting in self-defense and muscle development, it should not be overlooked by the elderly population interested in following a regular exercise regimen. Balance and immune system problems are only two of the physical ailments common to elderly people that are addressed and improved by following a martial arts program. If you or someone you know is ready to fight the dangers of aging, consider taekwondo today. Our senior classes are taught by 8th degree black belt Grandmaster Smith who himself is a senior with almost 50 years of Taekwondo experience.

Sparring Class

Sparring is an important component of Taekwondo training. At White Tiger Taekwondo we have opportunities for students who want to learn competition sparring skills. We provide opportunities for students to apply their sparring skills in our gym in a tournament setting. Students can choose to compete in local, state and national tournaments coached by our experienced instructors.

Sword Classes (Haidong Gumdo)

Haidong Gumdo is a sword-based martial art that is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the US. It trains the body, mind, and spirit while teaching self-defense, self-confidence, character development, patience, concentration, meditation, and etiquette.  The basic sword used in Haidong Gumdo is the traditional Korean long sword. However, most training is done with a hard wood (mokgum) or foam sword for safety.  Haidong Gumdo is the only weapon that you can earn belt advancements and earn a world recognized black belt.